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In many of the applications we are developing at Penta Engineering we make use of NLog logging library. From the NLog website you can download the Windows ™ installer or the source code, Mandriva has a package but nor Fedora nor Debian so yesterday I created a Fedora RPM. I started using the  Mandriva spec file modified following the Fedora packaging guidelines for Mono . Today I discovered the way to let Monodevelop see the dll in its  dependancy window and added a .pc file to the RPM.

I’m publishing my RPM in the hope to help someone not to loose her/his time. I’ll look the way to let this package enter Fedora and the time to create a DEB

2 thoughts on “NLog rpm”

  1. Well you built a noarch package, but it installs into /usr/lib64/…. that means it's not.
    You'll probably need to check other fedora mono packages and see if they use, as it does mondriva, noarch. If you use in your spec %_libdir as specified in Fedora guidelines i
    believe you should not. In any case your package should be wrong with i586 arch.

    BTW, Mandriva installs all into /usr/lib/mono without care of arch, that's why it's noarch.


    1. I’ll check it ASAP. I used %_libdir in my spec.
      IIRC mono packages in Fedora are architcture dependent and for sure they install in /usr/lib64 on x86_64 platform

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