apt-spy migrated to git.debian.org

Asking for a sponsor for apt-spy was for me the starting point for a big new job. Paul Wise did a great review an found out many errors and pointed out that github is not so free as it looks out at a first glance. Paul pointed me to Benjamin Mako Hill‘s great post titled: Free Software Needs Free Tools. So even if I decided to not switch apt-spy to native package with the help of Fabrizio Regalli I imported apt-spy package that is actually on Debian archives in the collab-maint git that was created a while ago.
I merged github repo (I’m going to leave or even delete) following the guide Git community book chapter about merging.

apt-spy 3.2.2 is ready to be released

Today I finished testing apt-spy 3.2.2. This release closes some bugs (#457049,
#515515, and #447232) and introduces a new feature: instead of testing for ftp.xx.debian.org, if this is an alias of one or more mirrors apt-spy tests for the real server. This is done parsing the list in parentesis under the alias.
I’m investigating why version 3.2-1 I released in august never entered the archive. This version was just a new upstream version with code refactory and no new features or bugs solved. The same appened to version 3.1-20 that solved bug #491802 and #317592.