Just upgraded my Debian GNU/Linux, this upgraded offlineimap so I needed to modify my configuration (i.e. .offlineimaprc) adding the cert_fingerprint in the remote repository stanza. This now looks like: [cc lang=”apache”] [general] metadata = ~/.offlineimap accounts = gmail socktimeout = 60 fsync = false [mbnames] enabled = yes filename = ~/Mutt/muttrc.mailboxes header = “mailboxes ” […]

gnus, debian, and spam on lists

I switched to emacs for most of my activity been writing code, debugging, organizing my life and reading emails with gnus. I know that most of the people out there just think that using emacs requires to remember lots of key-bindings and configuring it requires writing to many parenthesis but i like it. I like […]

Nuovo portatile

Ok, molti lo sanno già perché è più di una settimana che mi bullo del mio nuovo portatile, però sono molto contento del mio nuovo HP ElithBook 8440p. Sulla mia nuova bestia ho già installato Debian che va come un orologio svizzero, ho lasciato anche un piccolo spazio per Windows7 e grazie a VirtualBox la […]

NLog rpm

In many of the applications we are developing at Penta Engineering we make use of NLog logging library. From the NLog website you can download the Windows ™ installer or the source code, Mandriva has a package but nor Fedora nor Debian so yesterday I created a Fedora RPM. I started using the  Mandriva spec […]

apt-spy 3.2.2 is ready to be released

Today I finished testing apt-spy 3.2.2. This release closes some bugs (#457049, #515515, and #447232) and introduces a new feature: instead of testing for, if this is an alias of one or more mirrors apt-spy tests for the real server. This is done parsing the list in parentesis under the alias. I’m investigating why […]


A new version of apt-spy is going to be uploaded. I’m planning the future for this package, I would like to internationalize it and to support long command line options, what do you think about these goals? I already started using anjuta, autotools and the like.

eeePC sempre soddisfazioni

Il mio piccolo eeePC mi sta dando sempre più soddisfazioni. Il fatto di avere poco disco mi costringe a studiare soluzioni a cui non avrei mai pensato. Oggi ho messo su mutt con gmail (semplicissimo), è probabilmente l’unico MUA usabile con uno schermo così piccolo e un touchpad in miniatura. Non avevo mai provato mutt […]

Starting managing apt-spy

I’m starting working on apt-spy. I started creating a git working directory on my PC and cloning it in my home page on alioth/git as apt-spy does not have a public code repository. I’ll apply all patches that were created during these years by QA to close bugs. NOTE: This is the first post about […]