I’m happy

Lateky I’m expecting all sort of difficulties, my life is not easy but I’m  happy, yes I’m. 

I learnt that you need to get joy from every single small thing that happens in you life and that you cannot stop hoping for the best. 

Living in Ireland I learnt that if the sun is shining out there you need to change your plans, leave whatever you are doing and go out of your house, enjoy your garden, go to walk on the Prom, sit on your doorstep and speak with your neighbours. This is just and example of enjoying every single moment of your life.

This week I was at a customer, we found some solutions but the system is this not working, the plane was late (on both ways), I got lost (sort of, provided I had a GPS) on the way to the hotel and I drove for a mile behind two horses, I was forced to call AA for an false problem with tyre pressure but I’m happy, yes I’m.

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