How this blog is running, right now

After a long time this blog moved again, I was not that active this year, I know and this blog was for long periods not working at all.

Lots of things happened in my life and I was really busy, too busy to share that is not good, know.

The virtual server I used to run this blog was too small to host all automatic backup so docker, yes this blog runs on docker, stopped working many time. I moved to a new VPS (BTW Hetzner has a fantastic migration process) but in the meanwhile my server was cracked by a super nice guy who decided to use it a relay for spam, I tried to figure out how to stop her/him/they and then I decided to reinstall from scratch. I changed Linux from Debian to CentOS and I reinstall everything.

Now I have a docker container running nginx rever proxy, another one managing the Let’s encrypt using EFF certification certification bot, a container runnig mysql, another one running wordpress and finally one running the backup.

It was not easy, for a docker beginner, to setup all this things but it was really funny and I understood lots of things.

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