A new e-book reader

I’m not the eager reader of the world, but I read quite a few books a year, books about computing, networking, and programming. New updated versions of these books are continuously released so I prefer to read them electronically. I have three sources of e-books: downloaded epub (especially from PacktPub), Amazon Kindle, and Safari Book On-Line (my company is paying for this valuable subscription). Two years ago I bought an iPad to read books from all these sources and I ended up loading all sort of things on the iPad so I was continuously distracted from reading. Some weeks ago I was looking for a better device to accomplish this and a colleague of mine pointed me to inkBook, we ordered two of their devices and now I’m using one to read.
inkBook is a sort of Android-based tablet with a nice e-ink display, it’s easy to gain root access to the device and so you can install Android apps using adb.

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