Ergodox-EZ first impressions

I started playing with the Ergodox-EZ and overall I like it. The touch of a mechanical keyboard is something I was missing since the days of my IBM keyboard, this predates the PS2 connector, you can easily imagine how long ago it was.

Ergodox-EZ legs let me adapt the tilt and the height in an easy way, even if it took me some time to find the right position, this is mainly due to the fact that at home I don’t have a chair with armrests and my desk is not deep enough to let me lay down my arms on the desk.

The software part is amazing, it so easy to create your own firmware that I stopped using the web configurator the day the keyboard was delivered. There is only one file to change in the C code and all you have to do is understand the macros you have to place in the array representing the layer. I’m still playing with my layout even if first layer is 95% done. What I have to find out is how to have a nice printout of the layout to have it handy for reference.

I’m training myself to the new layout using different web sites, I’m not that fast in typing, but not slower then on my Fujitsu split keyboard.

A last note, I switched KDE Splasma to US layout to work better with Ergodox-EZ.

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