How much of my life is in Google hands?

While I’m was waiting for my fly to Denver I was listening to FLOSS weekly episode about Etesync and I realized how much of my life is in Google hands, this is surprisingly quite a lot of it. I’m a gsuite user, I got my two domains email managed by Google when Google for app was given to me for free as a tester, it looked great at the time to not have to bother about managing my how email server or hosting it to some provider with reduce storage capabilities and orribile web interfaces. After the email I started using the calendar, then I switched from Flickr to Photos, then I started uploading documents to Drive, and at the end I started sharing spreadsheets via Docs. If you take into account that I’m using an Android phone you can easily do you math.

The only think that I’m hiding to Google are my searches, I’m a duckduckgo fun.

Moving away from Google would require some work and some money, as I told you a don’t pay for my gsuite but in my opinion it is worth doing. This is not because I have to hide something but just not to depend on a single company and a company that from time to time decide to close this or that service.

I’m open for suggestions about how and where move email (I have a local copy of all my email thanks for mbsync) and I was thinking about running my own nextcloud instance some where like Germany or Austria.

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